Eastern Feels Like Home for Music and Psychology Major

Eastern Feels Like Home for Music and Psychology Major

The 21-year-old is from Las Cruces, New Mexico, and will graduate in May 2017.

She is double majoring in music and psychology with the goal of becoming a music therapist.

The senior enjoys the "small town vibe" of the campus and prefers attending classes on campus.

Mr. Dustin Seifert, department chair, heavily influenced her decision to attend the university.

"My music lessons teacher, Mr. Seifert, who also convinced me to come to ENMU, was very welcoming of all the students that came from my school," she said.

A strong sense of friendship and family stands out to her, making her Eastern experience enjoyable.

"I have made great friends, not only from the music department, but outside also.  The best part is that I always make new friends in the marching band every year, so my circle of friends is always growing," she said.

Sara recommends ENMU for the high quality interactions on campus.

"The teachers are great and the class sizes are small, so I can interact more with the teachers and the students themselves," she said.