Student Attends National Association of Social Worker's New Mexico Conference

Student Attends National Association of Social Worker's New Mexico Conference



Mr. Idsinga enjoyed learning about child welfare practice. He talks about a session in which a social worker shared the concept of play therapy. A therapy in which children are able to express their feelings and learn life skills through toys and games.

"It helps me understand how I can communicate with kids using their language, play," said the social work major.

Growing up Mr. Idsinga considered music to be therapeutic. He referred to himself as a "devote band nerd" in high school. He hopes to mix his love of music with his social work career.

"After graduating, I'll pursue a master's degree which I hope to utilize in the child welfare field. I will most likely continue seeking field experience through interning at the New Mexico Baptist Children's Home, which I've had the opportunity to work with for field practicum," said Mr. Idsinga.

He attributes his success in becoming the person he is today to his Eastern experience. Mr. Idsinga's professors have challenged him to become an active learner and have helped him to identify personal strengths to utilize in his future.


He believes participating in social events and campus organizations have helped him gain a lot of knowledge. Currently, he is an active member of three organizations which include ENMU Christian Challenge, The Spectrum College Ministry, and the President's Ambassadors organization.

His fondest memory of attending ENMU is a college retreat he attended with his church in the Las Vegas, New Mexico mountains.

"There's a tradition in which we spend some time around the campfire, simply sharing kind words with one another. This memory always reminds me of one of my favorite scriptures: ‘Kind words are like honey—sweet to the soul and healthy for the body' (Proverbs 16:24)," said Mr. Idsinga.