Graduate Student Has a Love for Language and Writing

Kelly Craddock
Kelly Craddock is pursuing a master's in English due to her passion for writing and teaching.

Graduate Student Has a Love for Language and Writing

Kelly Cradock, a graduate student pursuing her master's in English at Eastern New Mexico University, is set to graduate in fall 2019 or spring 2020.

Kelly grew up in West Texas and New Mexico with her older brother and younger sister. She now lives in Portales with her husband, biology professor Dr. Kenwyn Cradock, and their two daughters, Kaileen and Kenleigh.

She received her bachelor's degree in sociology with a minor in journalism from ENMU and decided to pursue her master's in English because "writing and teaching have always been a passion of mine." Her choice to attend ENMU for graduate school was largely due to family and resources.

Her favorite part about being a Greyhound is "the community."

She ultimately hopes to "have publications and teach the next generation the love of language and writing."

Kelly's life is full of motivators and mentors. During her undergraduate studies, she was "inspired by my dear friend Maggie Gardels and her internal strength." Her family encourages her to work as hard she can to both better her life and theirs.

There are also many ENMU professors that have motivated her in "more ways than I can count." Every professor she has had has left their mark on both her scholarly career and her life. When noticing how many professors have been mentors to her, she said "It takes a village, right?"

Her favorite classes at ENMU during her time as an undergraduate were sociology, journalism and the arts since they were "so much fun!" As a graduate student, she enjoyed 'Literary Theory' with Dr. Michael Rizza, because it "altered my mind to think in a new way and look at the world through several different lenses. I also enjoy working with Dr. Steve Bellin-Oka in poetry workshops. This semester I am intrigued by 'Captive in Americas' with Dr. Linda Sumption, it's very fascinating!"

She advises her fellow English majors to "read and write every day. Even 'bad' writing is polishing your skills. Don't let rejections make you lose sight of your passion. Take criticism as a matter of perspective and use it constructively. Set goals and do everything in your power to achieve them. Chocolate is a great self-motivator."

Kelly likes to travel, try new cuisine and experience new cultures, bake, camp, dance, do arts and crafts with her daughters and read and write poetry and literature.