Lauren Likes
Lauren Likes

Lauren Likes, an Eastern New Mexico University student working toward a bachelor's degree in mathematics with a minor in Spanish, plans to pursue a career in civil engineering with an emphasis in environmental engineering after graduating in spring 2019.

"I would like to become a licensed senior engineer on projects for the city or government someday; building roads, bridges, landfills and water treatment plants," says Lauren.

She has "always loved math" and wanted to "do something that will have its applications to the real world because a lot of times math is in everything we do whether we realize it or not."

The softball player's decision to attend ENMU was influenced by an offer for a softball athletic scholarship, educators who want students to succeed and the small-knit campus. "The community here at Eastern is what I like best, there is so much support for each other as students and athletes" she added.

Lauren acknowledges Dr. Kristi Jarman, associate professor of mathematics, as one of the "most wonderful professors" she has had the pleasure of working with and learning from. "From taking classes with Dr. Jarman and being a student instructor for one of those classes, to helping me graduate on time, she has really been someone who has helped me in my college career, and I look up to her."

The senior, who tutors math and stats classes, shared her favorite course at Eastern was "Ordinary Differential Equations" with Dr. Jarman. "It was a small class and I met some good friends; we all had fun working and studying together," she explained.

Lauren, who has made the Dean's List every semester she has attended ENMU, advises potential students of mathematics or any kind of STEM program to "definitely go into one of these majors such as math, science or engineering because the jobs are very good, and opportunities are vast once you are out of college."

When asked about her favorite spots on campus, the Greyhound said, "I love the Golden Student Success Center, I practically live in there. I do homework and tutor there. Maybe the place I love more than that is LVs weight room. It's my favorite place on campus, and any day we have weights becomes my best time of the day."

Lauren was born and raised in Walla Walla, on the east side of Washington. She has a younger brother who is in his first year of college. Her father was a state trooper for 27 years, and her mother is a financial analyst for the city of Walla Walla.