Adriana Carabajal
Adriana Carabajal

Adriana Carabajal is majoring in physical education with an emphasis in health and wellness and athletic training at Eastern New Mexico University. "It's the closest major to physical therapy, and it helps me get familiar with the human body," said the junior. "I want to become a physical therapist assistant before continuing to be a full physical therapist.

"I want to be able to help as many athletes and individuals as I can to get them back to 100 percent," she explained.

Adriana gave a shout-out to Sam McFall and Hailey Parker, athletic trainers at ENMU, for serving as her mentors. "They are great teachers and even better trainers. I love learning from them in the training room," she said.

The softball player is an active member of the Greyhound community. She volunteers with her teammates whenever the opportunity arises, serves as a receptionist at the Golden Student Success Center (GSSC) and participates in blood drives. She also volunteered as a coach for the Portales High School softball team.

"The endless opportunities ENMU has to offer are my favorite part about being a Greyhound," said Adriana, who has been on the Dean's List for two semesters. "They provide help with school work, jobs and extracurricular activities."

Her favorite class was "Structural Kinesiology," because it was "very detailed about the human body, and it was interesting to learn how everything comes together to function."

Her favorite places on campus are the GSSC and LV's, the name ENMU athletes have given to the place they work out. "I love to go there to do homework and for the beautiful views," Adriana said of the GSSC. "I love being at the LV's because you get to work out and watch athletes who are committed and dedicated to becoming better in their sport."

Adriana, who expects to graduate in spring 2020, encourages Greyhounds interested in pursuing a degree in physical education to "give it your best. Try to do extra, do the study guides, make flashcards or do something that will help you learn and pass the class."

She chose to attend ENMU because she was offered a softball scholarship and has family members who also attend the University.

Adriana was born and raised in Los Lunas, New Mexico. She is the youngest of two sisters, one of which, Alicia, graduated from Eastern in December. Her mother, Lisa Collins, is a custodian at an elementary school.

The Greyhound's hobbies include hanging out with her family and friends, participating in sports and playing with dogs.