Kennedy Haverland
Kennedy Haverland

Kennedy Haverland is an Eastern New Mexico University student majoring in social work who wants nothing more than to help someone. Kennedy says, "If I can make a change in one person's life, I will find that a win.

"I chose this major because of the obvious want to help others, but also the want to be an active change in my community, an advocate for the unheard and to never be bored sitting in an office."

Kennedy's ultimate career goal is to provide the most help she possibly can to people in need. She plans on obtaining a master's degree in social work and then working for "whichever state that I decide to end up in" for the Human Trafficking Task Force. "Here, I would be able to advocate for victims, combat the issue for all areas and ages of human trafficking and be able to help whoever may need it," Kennedy explains.

For anyone interested in the social work program, Kennedy offers the advice: "Get to know and build a trusting relationship with the professors because they will always be willing to give help for classes and will care for you deeply. Social work is a very complex and emotional field, and having people in your corner who understand the process is a huge relief."

Kennedy, who has been on the Dean's List for four semesters, chose to attend Eastern because it was the first school that she applied to during high school. "My dad grew up in Portales, and my grandparents are still located in the area," Kennedy says. Since most students in her high school were attending the University of New Mexico, Kennedy wanted to do something different and to leave her hometown.

"I was also interested by the small classrooms, small campus and the many opportunities that this University provides for students," states Kennedy. "I am a proud ENMU Greyhound. I love the green and silver spirit, the friendly community and the family feel of our school. I enjoy walking through campus and seeing smiles and getting friendly greetings from my peers."

Throughout her time at Eastern, Kennedy has been heavily involved on campus. In the past, she was the lead student coordinator for the Associated Students Activities Board and was a participant in the Student Fees Board. Kennedy is currently an active member for the Chi Omega Fraternity, a front desk worker for the Office of Campus Life, the secretary for the Student Association of Social Workers and a driver for Safe Ride, where she was named Driver of the Year for 2018-19. Most recently, Kennedy was selected to be a co-coordinator for Dawg Days 2019 alongside Clay Enderez.

During her time at ENMU, Kennedy has had many "wonderful and inspiring" professors, including Mrs. Tyleen Caffrey, who has taught a few of her social work classes and is the advisor for the Student Association of Social Workers. Kennedy explains, "She has been my right-hand women and my adult go-to. She is always a bright smile when I need it the most. She has an open door policy for her office and allows for any midweek meltdown during the day."

In addition, Kennedy credits Dr. Janet Birkey, assistant professor of communication, for introducing her to the field of social work. She also mentions Mr. Donald Raley, instructor of criminal justice, for being an "inspirational and supportive" professor and for providing her with many opportunities.

"Inside Family Violence" has been Kennedy's favorite course at ENMU. She states, "The textbook was very interesting, the teacher was engaging and the content of the class was the best to study. Since I am interested in the domestic violence side of social work, getting to understand the facts and statistics behind such violence was intriguing."

On campus, Kennedy's favorite place to hang out and study is the Campus Union, where she spends the majority of her day. "I love the social aspect of the building. There is always an event going on during the day, my friends always pass through and there is always something to be involved in the lobby," she explains.

Kennedy was born and raised in Rio Rancho, New Mexico. Her father is a mechanic for the main post office in Albuquerque, working the night shift, while her mother is a manager at the local ice rink. She has one younger brother, Ricky, who is a freshman at New Mexico Tech.

Her hobbies include spending time with her two puppies, Cooper and Broody, as well as going to the Max Pac a few times a week.