Heather Murray
Heather Murray

Heather Murray is a criminal justice major at Eastern New Mexico University. The sophomore, who is minoring in emergency management, hopes to turn her natural curiosity of the world around her into a force for good within the field of law enforcement.

Heather chose to study criminal justice in part because of her passion for discovery. "I find it interesting to have the knowledge to help figure out things that are unknown to others, such as things in a crime scene," she said.

She hopes to one day earn a position in the FBI where she can put her investigative talents to use. Heather plans to gain the knowledge and experience needed to excel in a criminal justice career. All of this is in an effort to ensure that every possible fact is discovered, and that law enforcement has the best possible grasp on the situation.

While Heather is a New Mexico native, she has been able to experience what plenty of other places have to offer during her family trips. "I'm from Albuquerque, New Mexico, but I've had the opportunity to travel around the world.

"I have one sister and three brothers. My mom took care of my sister and me, and my dad worked for the US Embassy," Heather said.

Like most Greyhounds, Heather maintains interests outside of the classroom. She works at both the Greyhound Arena and the ENMU Natatorium. She is also very involved with Greek life on campus, spending time in the library studying with her sisters of Chi Omega.

Heather has found a mentor with a certain instructor and member of Portales law enforcement: Bradley Mauldin, Chief of Police at ENMU. Heather credits his mentorship with helping her learn the finer points of the criminal justice system. Criminal justice classes have been particularly interesting for Heather, allowing her to learn the ins and outs of parts of her career field.

Heather chose to attend Eastern because she wanted to stay close to home. She appreciates the community that she has found in Portales: "My favorite part about being a Greyhound is having a small community that is so well-rounded, as well as knowing we have each other's backs."

The criminal justice major has some words of advice for those looking to pursue a career in her field of study: "It'll be a hard four years, but if you love it, keep going for it!"