ENMU Student Has an Affinity for Accounting

Parth Sheladia
Parth Sheladia

ENMU Student Has an Affinity for Accounting

Parth Sheladia, an accounting major at Eastern New Mexico University, is preparing to take the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam and start an accounting firm. "I hope to gain expertise in the field of accounting and taxation and work for the betterment of society," he says of his goals.

Parth has had an affinity for accounting since childhood. "I have always loved to do it. I never feel tired or bored while learning and doing accounting," he shares.

The senior, who plans to graduate next fall, was born and raised in Mumbai, India, and has two older sisters. His father has an accounting background and ran an accounting firm in India before the family moved to the United States four years ago. They began running a hotel in Clovis, New Mexico, two years ago. Parth manages the operations of the hotel.

The dean's list honoree chose to attend ENMU because it is close to his home and has allowed him to continue his job while pursuing his studies. "There are various courses offered at ENMU related to my interest and, therefore, I preferred ENMU," he adds.

Parth explains that all of his professors have "helped me by solving my doubts." His mentors, Dr. Veena Parboteeah and Dr. Debra Stone, have advised him in "selecting the right path to achieve my career goals."

He offers the following guidance for fellow accounting majors and those interested in becoming a CPA: "Accounting professionals are not just responsible for profit-making; they are responsible for the betterment of society and the economy. Investors, management and other stakeholders put their trust in the financial statements prepared and audited by accounting professionals."

One of his favorite courses at Eastern so far was History of Art, taught by Catherine Czacki, assistant professor of art, because the class helped him "to learn about different art cultures and techniques used over different time periods."

The Greyhound enjoys spending time in the Golden Library, located in the Golden Student Success Center, as well as utilizing their online offerings. "ENMU has one of the best libraries with various study resources available, which helped me in my research activities," he says. "Electronic online access of the Golden Library is very convenient for me as it helps me to access various information, books and articles while I am off-campus."

His favorite part of life as an ENMU student is "being part of the Greyhound family, as it is helping me achieve my career goals."

Parth loves spending time with his family during his free time. His dream is "to visit and learn about different places and cultures around the globe."

Parth with his parents and elder sisters.
parth sheladia with family


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