ENMU Student Dreams of Broadway

Liam Hurley

ENMU Student Dreams of Broadway

Liam Hurley is a Portales local and is currently attending Eastern New Mexico University as a theater major. Liam said most of his free time is taken up by rehearsing for ENMU plays. Liam has lived in Portales his entire life and when asked why he attended Eastern he said, "I've grown up on campus". As well as having support from professors like Dr. Beck promoting the theater program. Liam hopes to one day make it onto Broadway preforming in plays and starring in musicals.

Liam chose his major because, "when I was in high school, I found a love for performing and acting- just being on stage, honestly." Dr. Anne Beck is Liam's advisor he said," She was always looking out for me even before I was in the theater department… she has been a big help to me and I'm glad to know her." Being on stage is one of Liam's favorite places to be. Once he graduates, he plans on starting off in Chicago to get some more experience, but he ultimately has his sights set on Broadway.

This summer, Liam will be working at the Santa Fe Opera as an intern. He hopes he will be able to make professional connections and help the production team. He said, "It's an internship to really show you the world of everything, and that's what I'm hoping to get from it is, connections with, hopefully people in Chicago, New York, really anywhere." Liam hopes that this internship will help get his name out there and make long-lasting connections in the world of theater.

Liam wants students that are interested in pursuing a career in theater or acting to know, "Don't hold back, and step outside of the box." As an actor you are going to be pushed to do things that might be out of your comfort zone but if you don't push through that, "you're not going to grow… you're surrounded by people that trust you and just want you to succeed." ENMU is a great place to discover theater and acting surrounded by professors that want their students to succeed. "Don't be afraid to really show yourself."