University Juried Art Exhibition

The ENMU Runnels Gallery annually conducts the University Juried Art Exhibition as an opportunity for student artists to submit their creative visual work in a competitive environment. The gallery believes creativity lives within us all and strongly encourages students across disciplines to enter their artwork to be considered for inclusion in this prestigious exhibition.

The gallery is committed to providing all students an opportunity to share their creative visual work in a public space for people to experience.

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Submission Deadline: Friday, Feb. 3, 2023

Important Exhibition Dates

Friday, Dec. 22, 2023 Submission deadline
Friday, Jan. 12, 2024 Notification of acceptance sent to the artist
Friday, Feb. 9, 2024 Artwork is to be received by the gallery by 5 p.m.
Monday, Feb. 20, 2024 The exhibition opens to the public
Thursday, Feb. 21, 2024 | 5-6:30 p.m. Public reception
Thursday, Feb. 21, 2024 | 6:30 p.m. The exhibition closes to the public


Any student enrolled at a post-secondary school (community college, junior college, trade school, university, etc.) are eligible to enter the Runnels Gallery University Juried Art Exhibition. Artists may be asked to verify their student status for inclusion in the exhibition.

Entry Fee and Number of Submissions Permitted

Entry fees are not collected for this exhibition. Artists may submit up to ten pieces of art.

Media and Size Restrictions

All media types are welcome. Artwork must be original, completed within one year of the entry deadline and may not have been previously shown at the Runnels Gallery. Artwork must be stable and capable of fitting through a standard doorway. Artwork that requires suspension from the ceiling, water, perishable food or electricity is prohibited.

Theme/Subject Matter Requirements

Artwork of any theme may be submitted to the exhibition. Artists will be adjudicated in the following areas and may consider these when selecting pieces for submission.

  • First Impression – How powerful is the first impression?
  • Originality and Creativity – To what degree of originality and creativity does the work speak?
  • Artist's Voice – Is the artist's voice felt in the work and can their personal perspective of the world around them be seen?

Jury of Selections and Awards

Work submitted to the exhibition will be juried by external art professional(s). Exhibition awards include Best of Show, second place, third place, and honorable mention(s).

Acceptance into the Exhibition and Delivery of Work

  • All artists will be notified about their acceptance through the email provided at time of submission..
  • Artwork chosen for inclusion in the exhibition must be delivered to the Runnels Gallery by the required delivery date and must be finished (ready for presentation).
  • The gallery reserves the right to refuse any work deemed unfinished or those which are delivered after the deadline.
  • Accepted pieces must remain on display until the close of the exhibition and must be claimed within 30 days after the exhibition's conclusion.
  • If artwork is unclaimed, it will become the property of the Runnels Gallery and the ENMU Department of Art.
  • Artists are solely responsible for the delivery and retrieval of their work. The artist's name, title of the work, medium and price information must be secured to the back of the work and must be legible (type is preferred).

Presentation Ready Requirements

All work must be finished at the time of delivery. Presentation standards include:

  • Submitted Two-Dimensional Work
    • Work must be matted, framed, and properly wired in a professional manner. Suggested frame colors are white, black or silver. Suggested matte colors are white, black, charcoal, or any shade of gray. Secure wire hanging or French cleats only, no saw tooth hardware permitted.
    • Paintings with large wooden stretchers with painted canvas overlap do not require framing.
    • Dry mounting to foam/gator board with imagery flush (bleed off) to all four edges acceptable; no framing/matting required. Secure wire hanging or French cleats only, no saw tooth hardware permitted.
  • Submitted Three-Dimensional Work
    • Work must be stable.
    • Work requiring special/custom stands for presentation must be provided by the artist at time of delivery.

How to Submit Work to the Exhibition

Artists may submit their work for this exhibition using the gallery's online submission form below. An online submission form must accompany each piece of art entered into the exhibition. In addition to the standard biographical information, the following information must be included:

  • Title of piece
  • Media type
  • Sales price (if for sale)
  • Unframed dimensions (inches only)
  • 50 to 75-word artist statement describing or explaining the concept, the process, materials used, the goal of the project, etc.
  • Photograph of the work being submitted (JPEG files only)

Artist's work will be juried based upon the photographic evidence of the artwork being submitted. Consider the following recommendations to best capture an art piece in a photograph:

  • Artwork should be properly lit. Lighting that is too bright or too dark can negatively affect colors, diminish or hide detail and may create the inability to clearly and accurately see the work. When lighting artwork, glare can be avoided by removing glass or other protective elements in front of the artwork. Adjusting the angle of the artwork, camera or light source can also reduce glare. Avoid using lights that emit yellow or blue tones.
  • Artwork should be level and positioned in the center of the photograph.
  • Two-dimensional works must be photographed without matting and framing.
  • Three-dimensional works must be photographed using a neutral background and stable surface. Consider using a lightbox to photograph three-dimensional work.
  • Photographs should be focused properly.
  • Adjust camera's image quality setting to "fine" or the highest resolution possible.
  • File format must be JPEG.
  • See the How to Photograph Your Artwork instructional sheet.


Eastern New Mexico University will exercise due care in handling all artwork submitted. ENMU, the Runnels Gallery, the Department of Art, the Golden Student Success Center or any of their agents will not be responsible for loss or damage to any artwork, whether such work is on display, in storage, or in transit to or from the artist. All accepted artwork must remain on display until the close of the exhibition. ENMU assumes the right to photograph any work for catalog or publicity purposes and to use the artist's name. The submission of artwork to this exhibit will be understood to imply agreement and consent on the part of the artist with the conditions set forth here. I hereby agree to the liability clause and to abide by all the rules and stipulations set forth in this exhibition.

University Juried Art Online Submission Form

2022 Selected Artists

Quannah Chasinghorse

By Jacob Rodrigez

Best of Show
Graphite, conte, charcoal and colored pencil


By Jessica M. Barron

First Place
Acrylic paints, plastic bags, and yarn

Waiting Room

By Hannah Moneet Grady

Second Place
Oil and acrylic on wood panel

Highway 60

By Sydnee Joy Yazzie

Third Place

Artist NameTitle of PieceMedia TypeDimensions in inchesAward Placement
Arien Giselle Mendoza Santa Photography 27x17.333  
Arien Giselle Mendoza Dino Fun Photography 46.89x36.03  
Arien Giselle Mendoza Billy Charcoal and graphite 18x24  
Bethany Grace Giesler Triple Dog Dare Mixed media 7x10  
Bobbie G. Juarez Jack Acrylic on canvas 6x12  
Cynthia Kay Gentry Table for Two Oil on canvas 18x24  
Cynthia Kay Gentry Noteworthy Alabaster sculpture 5x10x4  
Ellis A. Blackstone Me Photography 16x18  
Evelyn Santa Penington Cara Mia Bovine jaw and scrimshaw 7x13x3  
Hannah Moneet Grady Spots Acrylic on canvas 12x24  
Hannah Moneet Grady Waiting Room Oil and acrylic on wood panel 16x20 Second Place
Hope Bilbrey Upside Down Breakfast Photography 14x10  
Hope Bilbrey Entangled Webs Photography 14x10  
Hope Bilbrey Gunk on a Log Photography 14x10  
Jacob Rodrigez Notorious RBG Ceramic 10x10  
Jacob Rodrigez Marsha P. Johnson Oil pastel 10x12  
Jacob Rodrigez Quannah Chasinghorse Graphite, conte, charcoal and colored pencil 10x12 Best of Show
Jacob Rodrigez Robin Williams Graphite, conte and charcoal 18x24  
Jacob Rodrigez Breonna Taylor Oil and oil pastel 11x14  
Jessica M. Barron Refreshing Acrylic paints, plastic bags, and yarn 24x30 First Place
Jessica M. Barron Self-Growth Acrylic painting 8x10  
Judah Leo Wyatt Crossroads Photography 24x18  
Katelynn Rose Sallee Colorado Capital Photography 7.344x13.333  
Katelynn Rose Sallee Casino Lights Photography 13.333x10  
Katelynn Rose Sallee Do you like Jazz? Photography 10x11.417  
Katelynn Rose Sallee Koi-l Spill Photography 9.75x13.333  
Nicole Lohkamp Thinking of Home Digital media 6x6  
Sydnee Joy Yazzie Highway 60 Photography 16x10 Third Place
Sydnee Joy Yazzie Old Town Balloons Photography n/a  
Sydnee Joy Yazzie Old Town Photography n/a  
Sydnee Joy Yazzie 5:18 p.m. Photography n/a  

2021 Selected Artists

Chaos and Isolation

By Devon Segura

Best of Show
Oil on Masonite


By Raven G. Lente

First Place
Oil Painting

Lotus of Light

By Simone Sena

Second Place
Steel Sculpture

What do you see?

By Sara Chouteau Scowden

Third Place

Blissful Submergence

By George F. Muñoz

Honorable Mention
Acrylic on Canvas


By Calli Fischer

Honorable Mention
Chalk Pastel

Artist NameTitle of PieceMedia TypeDimensions in inchesAward Placement
Calli Fischer Legacy Chalk Pastel 14x17 Honorable Mention
Cindy Kay Gentry My Daughter, the Hero Collage and Painting 18x24  
Devon Segura Chaos and Isolation Oil on Masonite 18x20 Best of Show
Devon Segura Oneiric Space Digital Illustration 14x14  
Devon Segura Sensitivity Digital Illustration 14x14  
George F. Muñoz Blissful Submergence Acrylic on Canvas 12x16 Honorable Mention
George F. Muñoz Untitled Self-portrait Oil on Canvas 12x16  
Gracie Lenay Sanchez Healing Charcoal 18x24  
Ivory Meyer-DeBusk Creativity vs Reality Oil on Canvas 18x24  
Jamey Adam Stanczak Taggy The Squirrel Lived In An Acorn That Hung From A Tree Digital Illustration 12x9  
Jospehine Ruffino Desert skies and conspiracy theories Photography 22x14  
Nicole D. Lohkamp Mechanize Digital Illustration 8.5x11  
Oliver Elizabeth Puckett Crystal Octopus Guardian Polymer Clay, UV Resin and Crystals 7x8x7  
Oliver Elizabeth Puckett The Dragon's Graveyard Polymer Clay and Wood 2.5x1.75x4.75  
Oliver Elizabeth Puckett Slumbering Fungal Dragon Polymer Clay and UV Resin 9x11.5x10.5  
Raven G. Lente Crown Oil Painting 16x20 First Place
Raven G. Lente Noise Digital Illustration 8x4  
Raven G. Lente SELKIE Digital Illustration 8x10  
Sara Chouteau Scowden What do you see? Photography 8x10 Third Place
Simone Sena Lotus of Light Steel Sculpture 24x25.5x9 Second Place
Van Mawi Thang Font Design Digital Illustration 11x17  
Van Mawi Thang Hngakchia Pa le Sa Zunthil Colored Pencil 18x24  
Van Mawi Thang My Grandmother and Her youngest Grandchild Oil on Canvas 24x36  
Van Mawi Thang Remnants of Home Oil on Canvas 18x24  
Van Mawi Thang Animal Circus Print Transfer and Colored Pencil 9x12  

2020 Selected Artists

Damaged Waters

By Oliver Elizabeth Puckett

Best of Show
Polymer clay and epoxy resin


By Devon Segura

First Place
Oil on canvas


By Steven Carmona

Second Place
Iron sculpture

Excuse me, sorry. I'll only need a few seconds to snap a picture

By Katherine J. Perelas

Third Place
Digital photography

Artist NameTitle of PieceMedia TypeDimensions in inchesAward Placement
Avery Anahí Loya Brotherhood Dry conté pastel on black paper 24x18  
Brittney J. Juancho Bliss Oil Pastel 24x18  
Camilla C. Hudson Chained Oil on Canvas 12x9  
Camilla C. Hudson Joy Ride in a Paint Box Oil on Canvas 11x13  
Devon Segura Mortality Oil on Canvas 11x17 First Place
Gene A. Vigil Unrelenting Charcoal 25x20  
Isaac Kirsch Figure #2 Pastel and charcoal on paper 18x24  
Katherine J. Perelas Fallen Fruit Wine Packaging Package design 3.75 in x 4.75 in sticker on wine bottle  
Katherine J. Perelas Excuse me, sorry. I'll only need a few seconds to snap a picture. Photography 34x 7.5 Third Place
Nicole D. Lohkamp Village in the Trees Traditional 10.5x16.5  
Oliver Elizabeth Puckett Aquatic Anomaly Polymer Clay 14x15x11  
Oliver Elizabeth Puckett The Travelling Tortoise's Terrarium Polymer clay and epoxy resin 19x10.5x8  
Oliver Elizabeth Puckett Damaged Waters Polymer clay and epoxy resin 9x3.5x2.5 Best of Show
Raven Lente Lente Graffiti Message Oil on canvas panel 11x14  
Rebecca Marie Darrup Sunrise in the Saddle Photography 8x10  
Sierra Nicole Montoya The Worlds Smallest Records Acrylic on canvas 4x4 (each canvas)  
Steven Carmona Meltdown Iron sculpture 8x6.5x11 Second Place
Trenna Paige McKinley Saturated High Digitally enhanced watercolor 11x14  
Trenna Paige McKinley The Beauty of Grace Mixed media sculpture 15x12x12  
Van Mawi Thang David and the Lion Ceramic 21x11x11  
Van Mawi Thang Remnants of Home Oil on canvas 18x24  
Zia M. Tenorio Blue Watercolor 9x12  

2019 Selected Artists

Forest Nymph

by Keren Michele Perry

Best of Show
Red clay sculpture


by Devon Segura

First place
Oil painting

A Piece of Sunshine

by Camilla C. Hudson

Second place
Oil Painting

The Tunnel's Anatomy

by Irene L. Martinez

Third Place

Artist NameTitle of PieceMedia TypeDimensions in inchesAward Placement
Camilla C. Hudson A Piece of Sunshine Oil painting 36x36 Second Place
Devon Segura Colossus Oil painting 18x24 First Place
Irene L. Martinez Art of Obedience Photography 8x10  
Irene L. Martinez The Tunnel's Anatomy Photography 8x10 Third Place
Isaac A. Martinez Darwin Award Mixed media 18x9x9  
Joy Erin Hughes Maasai Photography 8x10  
Katherine J. Perelas Die Neue Typography Print design 25.5x11  
Katherine J. Perelas Poetry Posters  Print design 33x17  
Kynzie Amarilla Tibet Oil painting 16x20  
Melvis T. Hawkins Shades of Brown Clay sculpture 18x18x18  
Keren Michele Perry Forest Nymph Red clay sculpture 16x6x7 Best of Show
Nathalia Loya Marquez Salvation Graphite drawing 18x24  
Rajamia Drain Beautiful Blooms Booklet design 8x6  
Raven G. Lente Falling Apart Charcoal drawing 84x24  
Raven G. Lente Still Here Oil painting 9x12  
Steven Jose Carmona Excepted Mind Acrylic and aerosol on canvas 24x12  
Trenna Paige McKinley I Am My Art Watercolor 18x24  
Trenna Paige McKinley Dramatically Posed Soft pastel 18x24  
Van Mawi Thang The Lonely Graphite drawing 18x25  
Vanessa L. Miranda Sweetie Oil painting 20x24