If entering the ministry, attending seminary, or increasing your religious and/or spiritual knowledge appeals to you, a major in religion will suit your interests. We focus on the exegesis and practical application of foundational religious texts. Courses include the history, psychology, and philosophy of religion, the interface of science and religion, and the many questions, including ethical, raised by world religions.

We offer biblical Greek and Hebrew, both as courses or a minor. Our program has been recognized for with Zondervan awards for Excellence in Theology, Excellence in Biblical Greek, and Excellence in Biblical Hebrew. The time needed to achieve a degree in religion varies with the individual student, but you can generally complete this degree in four years.

Special Services and Opportunities

We are committed to responsible academic advising. We are specialists in our areas of advising and are current with requirements for admission to the programs we advise as a religion major, you also have the opportunity to compete for the annual Zondervan Award for Excellence in Religious Studies, Greek or Hebrew

Service and Mutual Interest Organizations

Additionally, several local institutions with various religious affiliations provide you the opportunity to use your religion skills and hold leadership positions on campus or in the local community.

Scholarships and financial assistance

We are committed to helping you finance your education. In addition to grants, loans, and scholarships offered University-wide, the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences offers 37 scholarships, several of which are available for ENMU students who have declared history as their major. Additionally, many Eastern New Mexico University students work part-time jobs to help finance their education.

Additional Degree Information

You can find additional information about the Bachelor of Science or Arts in Religion degree, including the courses you will take when you're a religion major at Eastern.


Dale Streeter

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