Erica Hopper Finds Passion in Ceramics, Thriving as Studio Manager

Erica Hopper Finds Passion in Ceramics, Thriving as Studio Manager

Erica Hopper graduated from Eastern New Mexico University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Arts in Fine Arts. When she started at ENMU, Hopper was unsure what she wanted to major in, so she took a variety of different classes to find the best fit. Eastern was a place where Hooper could explore what she wanted to do for her career. Erica enjoys working with her hands and loves using her creativity, so when she found ceramics, she fell in love with the craft.

After graduating from ENMU, she went to graduate school at the University of Oklahoma where she got her Master of Fine Arts. Hopper works as the studio manager at Clayworks in Charlotte, North Carolina. She ensures the studio is up and running for the multiple classes they offer to the public. Hopper loves the pride she feels from being able to share her love of art with people in her community.

Diane Cole, an art professor at ENMU, was Hopper's professor for ceramics. "Sometimes you come across something that you love because you enjoy some aspect of it, and sometimes it just that you have a really good instructor," she said. Hopper enjoyed the fact that Mrs. Cole understood her and pushed to help her grow. To this day, Hopper continues her development as a ceramic professional.

Hopper enjoys traveling and has gained many of her skills while traveling. While living in Taos, New Mexico, she gained many skills in ceramics during a residency at Taos Clay. She completed an additional residency in Fargo, North Dakota where she continued honing her ceramics skills and passion for the trade.

Hopper enjoys doing what makes her happiest. She said her life goal changes every five years. Erica came to ENMU not knowing what she wanted to major in and left with a career path that she loves. Hopper said her favorite part of ENMU was being able to explore who she was and what she wanted to do. Eastern was a learning experience for her and her passions.


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