January 2016

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Success Spotlight

Sophomore Public Relations Major Loves ENMU

  “I would like to think that I am easy to talk to,“ said Jennifer Salomon, sophomore public relations major, "and I try to be kind to everyone." “I believe the saying that ‘kindness causes a read more..

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Flashback Friday

Flashback Friday photos and Chase articles provided by ENMU Special Collections       ... read more..

Alumni Success
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ENMU Alumni Serving as VP of Student Affairs at Amarillo College

Mr. Robert Austin, who has a bachelor’s and master’s degree from Eastern New Mexico University, is serving as the vice president of Student Affairs at Amarillo College (AC).   A highl... read more..

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The Comic Book Stand: Vol. 2, Issue #15, Barb Wire

Barbara Rose Kopetski, a part-time bounty hunter in the Dark Horse Universe, was originally created by Team Comics’ Greatest World that includes Chris Warner, Jerry Prosser, Barbara Kesel, Randy... read more..

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The Coop Scoop: Top Five Worst Pokémon

Some Pokémon are terribly designed. This opinion may be surprising, based on my usual Pokémon-can-do-no-wrong attitude. However, my extreme love of the franchise is why I am so passionat... read more..

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