Preparing For the Fall Semester

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Start your semester off right with these tips from Shaylee Moon, an ENMU student.

Preparing For the Fall Semester

Summer was the perfect break from homework, exams and lectures, but we must face the fact that we'll be moving back to school pretty soon. Before the semester begins, use these tips below to gather supplies, organize your thoughts and set goals for this fall.

Purchase Your Textbooks

Go onto your portal to find and purchase the books you will need for your semesters. This will show your professors that you are prepared to start the class, and it will ensure that you will get the books you need opposed to waiting for them to come in. In addition, you can take a look at your books before the semester to gauge what information your classes will include.

Read the Syllabi

Many professors post the syllabus on Canvas before the semester begins. You can read, review and print them to evaluate the course work and write down deadline dates. Reading the syllabus can also help you to determine whether the class is a good fit for you and your semester.

Get Organized

Make a list of what you will need in your dorm room or home, then gather all of it before move-in day. Consider items such as bins to go under your bed, plenty of hangers and hooks to hang keys on your wall. When you find a place for everything in your room, it will help you to feel organized and prepared to have a great semester.

Mark Your Calendar

The fall semester is a busy one, and it may be difficult to keep your commitments straight. Going back to reading your syllabi, write down the important deadlines, along with games, club meetings and social events, in your calendar. Kick the semester off right by filling out your calendar with all of your most important things to do. Filling out your calendar will get you so amped for the year ahead.

Get In Touch With Your Roommates

If you are going to have roommates, get in contact with them before the semester begins. Not only does this make things more comfortable when you move in together, but you can also discuss what each one is bringing to the room. You don't need two shower curtains or rugs, so determining who is bringing what is quite important to creating your perfect living situation.

Gather Your Room Décor

After connecting with your roommates, it is time to start planning how you want to decorate your space. Of course, much of the decorating can be done when you get to college, but it will create less stress if you have most of what you need, especially the essentials like bedding. Check out our blog on Decorating Your Dorm Room on a Budget.

Make a Budget

Back to school is the perfect time to take a look at your income and expenses then create a budget. Especially with the payment of tuition and rent, you will need to know exactly how much you have to spend on other items such as books, school supplies and room necessities.

Set Goals for Your Semester

Use the SMART goal format, which means you should make your goals specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound. Decide what grade you want in each class, making sure it is achievable but still challenging. Your goals can go beyond grades, like getting in better shape, becoming a member of a club or perfecting a craft or hobby. It's a new semester, anything is possible.


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