ENMU BSN Program Helps Online Student Stay Connected to New Mexico

Ryan Kerr
Ryan Kerr

ENMU BSN Program Helps Online Student Stay Connected to New Mexico

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Ryan Kerr is a senior at Eastern New Mexico University pursuing a bachelor's degree in nursing. He chose to obtain his BSN at ENMU because the course offerings aligned with his academic needs.

"I have an associate in nursing and would like to advance in that field- the BSN is my next step in that process," explained the online student. "I have enjoyed the BSN track and the flexibility of the program."

"Being a Greyhound lets me have a legitimate claim to New Mexico now that I live and work out of state – I miss the state and try to hold on to it in any way I can," said Ryan, who used to work at ENMU-Ruidoso as an EMS instructor/resource faculty member and a subject matter expert within the Title V Grant. Quentin Hays was his department chair and has been a "positive force" in Ryan's life since then.

Ryan lives in Seattle and works in Haiti. He has volunteered internationally with different organizations in Central America, Uganda and Haiti. He was involved with the local fire department while living in Ruidoso. He is currently looking for a "niche volunteer opportunity" in Seattle, which he hopes to find soon.

The BSN student shared his career plans: "I do intend to keep working in both the healthcare field and in the developing world. I hope to be content with where my career ends up, have a positive impact on lives I interact with and see as much as of the world as I can along the way."

Ryan has made the Dean's List and was a recipient of a scholarship through the nursing program during his first two semesters in the program.

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When asked about his favorite class, the Greyhound shared that he couldn't choose a specific course,

To students interested in nursing, Ryan advises: "Just go for it. Nursing is a rewarding career, and there are many opportunities within the field once someone gets inside."

The self-proclaimed "Army Brat" grew up "all over the place," including Kansas, California, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia.  His father was in the Army but is now retired; he still works in Washington, D.C., as a civilian doing budgets for national defense programs. His mother is a quilter and travels to give lectures on the art of quilting. He has two siblings. His sister lives in Nebraska with her four kids and husband in the Air Force, and his brother recently took a new job as a dispatcher in Antarctica.

Ryan likes the outdoors, running, traveling, reading and learning new things.